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Modify the Windows 7 taskbar pinned program icons

Purpose: Clear or create your own pinned program icons in the Windows taskbar

In a case where you need to alter the windows taskbar, you will come to notice that there is actually no clean way to script the Windows Taskbar. This operating system object is meant to be edited by the user only with no API for programs or scripts to alter it. Hence taskbar customization is instantly an OS tweak. I recommend caution and deeper understanding of Windows 7 OS.

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Get all Workstations with Windows 7 and OS is 32-bit or 64-bit (WQL)

Purpose: Get all Workstations with Windows 7 x86 or x64 (WQL)

You might need to do certain procedures to a limited list of operating systems. In this example we will gather all workstations with Windows 7 operating system and separate them into two different collections depending on if the operating system is x86 or x64.

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Get all Workstations with Defined OS and no SCCM client (WQL)

Purpose: Create a Device Collection which gathers workstations without SCCM client

In an SCCM controlled environment, a system without SCCM client is malfunctioning. Therefore you must be able to monitor that all the systems in your environment actually have the SCCM client. A fully operational SCCM and a workstation without SCCM client will mean that the workstation is not receiving any application updates, any OS updates and might even download OS updates them directly from MS without any restrictions (depending on other settings outside SCCM in your environment). So you really ought to fix these.

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Show an application in the Programs list of Windows 7

Purpose: List your custom application or configuration in Windows 7 (x64) Programs list

If you need to list your custom application or a setting in the Windows 7 operating system Programs list (Control Panel -> Programs), you need to add a registry key to the local machine registry. However, there is a catch. You need to add two registry values inside the key for it to appear in the Programs list. There are many more available for additional information, but two is required. This could be used if you are gathering the Programs list for a SCCM report and want that something you are deploying will be shown in this report as well.

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Allow limited users to install fonts in Windows 7 with UAC turned on (BAT)

Purpose: Allow non-administrator / limited user to install fonts in W7 with UAC turned on

Since the Windows 7 operating system has been published, the Web has been full of questions about how to allow limited users to install fonts in a corporate environment. There are not many ways available, unless you really want to lower the security of your OS and change the way the OS is supposed to work. However there is at least one way to allow this: first you need to change the way you have tried to approach this problem. You can install the fonts to a user session instead of the local machine. You will need to create a system that will make sure that the fonts are kept in the user session even after a system reboot or for another user.

Usage: IT_APP_BAT_UserBasedFontInstallation.bat
Configuration: You can change the location of the Public Fonts -directory, if it pleases you.

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