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Deploy Java

Software Java
Install Silently msiexec /i “Java.msi”

/l “C:\(path)\Java.log”

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Automate Application Installation (Tutorial)

Purpose: Comprehensive list of different Installer Engines and a way to install each of them silently.

Every single task of “let us install this application without user interaction” begins with the study of the target application. You might be lucky to find out that the application is created by one of the most popular install engines. If so, you have a chance to use the applicable install engine documentation and parameters to automate the installation. If not, you will need to create an install package by yourself.

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Deploy Internet Explorer

Software Microsoft Internet Explorer
Install Silently

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Deploy Microsoft Zune (for Windows Phone)

Software Microsoft Zune (Application for Windows Phone)
Install Silently ZunePackage.exe

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Deploy Adobe Premiere Elements 10

Software Adobe Premiere Elements 10
Requirements Apple Quicktime (Renderer)
Install Silently

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Deploy Windows Live Essentials 2012

Software Windows Live Essentials 2012
Install Silently wlarp.exe
/q quiet installation
/log: logging your installation
/noMU disable Windows Update
/noHomepage prevent homepage to become Msn.com
/noLaunch prevent Messenger to launch just after installation as finished.
/noSearch prevent your default search engin to be replaced by Bing.com
/NoToolbarCEIP switch will stop the toolbar install.
/AppSelect:(ApplicationID) select features you want to install
!(ApplicationID) are features that should not be installed

ALL (Full live essential), Mail, PhotoGallery, OLC (Outlook Connector), Messenger, Writer, MovieMaker, Companion (Messenger Companion), FamilySafety, wlsync (Live Mesh), Bingbar, idcrl (Live Sign in Assistant)

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