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Detect if Windows Service Exists (VBS)

Purpose: Return true if predefined Windows Service Exists, return false if it does not exist

You might find yourself in a situation where some of the applications have been installed in one way and the others in another way. Depending on the problem, you might just want to clean the table and reinstall the the applications with your definitions. If this is not possible or would not be cost efficient, you could use SCCM to check if “something” exists and alter the workstations where this something is missing. In this example this “something” is a missing Windows Service.

Usage: cscript.exe IT_APP_VBS_GetWindowServiceStatus WINDOWSSERVICENAME
Configuration: You need to insert your own WINDOWS SERVICE NAME as a parameter for the script.
Reference: http://themonitoringguy.com/scripts-code/monitoring-windows-services-vbscript/

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