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Enable Remote Desktop from Command-line (BAT)

Purpose: Enable Remote Desktop on Workstations from Command-line

To gain access to the unsuspecting victims.. er.. customers, you can use the magnificent built-in tool of RDP! This even allows you to do your work hidden so the customer will not actually see what you are doing, how neat is that? (Well of course this is not neat in a situation where the customer wants to show you something but lets not go into that.) To enable RDP on a remote workstation, you can use the following registry change. Like many configuration options, this can be implemented through various ways. This script can be added to SCCM as an application and use the registry change as Detection Method. This way – if the setting is already as we want – SCCM will not do anything on the workstation.

Usage: start “Configure” /wait IT_OSD_BAT_EnableRemoteDesktop.bat

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