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Compare Registry Values (VBS)

Purpose: You have two registry values, which you need to compare

This solution is not compatible as a SCCM application custom script detection method. It is meant to generally demonstrate how to compare registry values with VBS.

Usage: cscript.exe IT_OSD_VBS_CompareTwoRegistryValues.vbs (no parameters exist)
Configuration: You need to insert your own registry paths.

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Enable Remote Registry Service (BAT)

Purpose: Start the Remote Registry service during system startup

In corporate environments, administrative users and support personnel might need to be able to access the remote workstation registry. In these scenarios, the work can be done without disturbing the customer and then just informing the customer that the fix has been made. Unless this is set in the workstation image, you need to enable this afterwards. Luckily it can be done easily through SCCM application deployment. There are plenty alternative ways to do this (GPO, Login script, OS image, Packages, etc.). This method is just as straightforward as any of them and allows you to track its progress through the environment using the built-in tools of SCCM.

Usage: start “Configure” /wait IT_OSD_BAT_EnableRemoteDesktop.bat
Debugging: Occurs during next login. Should you need faster, start it instantly as well.
This can be done by running the following command: sc.exe start RemoteRegistry. The extra registry key is just for SCCM to be used as an application anchor (detection method).

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