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List all Active Directory Organizational Unit LDAP (PS)

Purpose: Query all or some Active Directory Organisational Units and their LDAPs

Powershell has an enourmous amount of cmdlets, which can be called to do your bidding. In this scenario you want to list all your Acrive Directory Organizational Units and unleash some filters to that mass. There are many alternative ways to do this, select one of them below and have fun.

Usage: powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -file IT_AD_PS_GetAllOrganizationalUnits.ps1
Configuration: You can use filters to change the outcome of your query
References: Get-ADOrganizationalUnit, Export-Csv

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Change a computer name from the command-line

Purpose: Demonstrate different ways to change a computer name remotely using command-line

There are multiple reasons why you might need to change a computer name remotely. One might be that you are lazy. The other might be that you would disturbt the user if you change his workstation name with a RDP (or similar) connection. The third might be that you creating are a tool and want to use your command line as a function to it. What ever your case is, here are my foundings about this subject.

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Display a SCCM Collection Variable and its Value

Purpose: Query SCCM Collection Variables and Values in MS SQL Reporting services (SQL)

There is a suprize waiting for you if you thought you could add variables and values into your collections and query the results using Microsoft SQL Report. Finding the correct attributes from the SQL tables is straightforward, but that is not the real problem.

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