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How to Deploy an Application with User Settings (HKCU)

Purpose: How to Deploy an Application with User Settings (HKCU) in SCCM 2012

Many applications contain settings only for the current user (HKCU). There is no way to replicate these settings for the local machine (HKLM) as the program is designed to read the settings only from the current user registry or current user profile documents (%APPDATA%). Now in corporate environment, you can use group policies, logon scripts, and such to manage your user based settings. However, if you want to keep all of it in the SCCM, there is a way for you to do it.

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Application Deployment Types in SCCM 2012

Purpose: How to use Application Deployment Types properly – real-life examples

The new features in SCCM 2012 could confuse at the first sight, if you dont stop to study them for a while. Old SCCM admins are used to packages while new admins are jumping straight into the applications. This post will focus on the applications only.

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