Create Shortcuts for the Current User defined by the Current User Input (VBS)

Purpose: Create a shortcut in the current user desktop and current user Start Menu, defined by user

In corporate environments, standard users rarely have permissions to edit shortcuts for a workstation for all the users. You might come up with a scenario where you need to give users permission to create shortcuts for an application. Most importantly, the shortcut actually needs parameters to work correctly. To reduce the amount of Help Desk calls, you can create a script that creates the shortcuts correctly for the current users by asking the parameter. The parameter can be a server, http-address, profile name, application environment, and so on. This script is extremely helpful in a situation where the System Administrator might not know what parameter each user is actually using or creating all the different scenarios for users might not be cost-efficient. This of course requires that the users know which environment they are using, or this will not work as intended.

Usage: cscript.exe IT_APP_VBS_CreateShortcutsFromUserInput (User Input Required)

Configuration: You need to change the configuration in “Configure the script” -part of the code.

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Create a Shortcut for All Users of a workstation (VBS)

Purpose: Create a Windows Shortcut in the Public Desktop and Public Start Menu.

Are you in need to create shortcuts for all the users of a workstation? Do you have some silly vendor provided application that just needs to have its shortcuts fixed? And most importantly – you need to do this OFTEN? Then scripting a shortcut template is the answer for you. With this code example, you can create your own shortcuts. You might not have the time to do it yourself, so you can use one I have created. Important fact is that by using this method the actual target does not need to exist by the time of the creation – the shortcuts are created anyway!

Usage: cscript.exe CreateShortcuts.vbs (no parameters exist)

Configuration: You need to change the configuration in “Configure the script” -part of the code.

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