WordPress useful function references (Links)

Purpose: List of reference links when you plan to modify WordPress

Just a list of links that have come handy for me when making changes to WordPress code in PHP. Basic wordpress (and PHP) modification skill level required.

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Get all Workstations with Failed Software Updates (WQL)

Purpose: Get all Workstations with Failed Software Updates (WQL)

SCCM offers multiple ways to monitor your environment. Using Device Collections is one of them. You can create a Device Collection that gathers all the workstations that have failed their Windows Updates. The rest is up to you if something actually happens to this group after the identification.

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Deploy Java

Software Java
Install Silently msiexec /i “Java.msi”

/l “C:\(path)\Java.log”

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

Happy holidays everyone! May the odds be ever in your favor!
I will be taking a brake for the remainder of this year.

Determine Microsoft SQL Server version (SQL)

Purpose: Since SCCM acts differently depending on the SQL-version, you might be interested to find out, which version is actually installed in your SCCM environment.

Once upon a time Microsoft released a list of supported SCCM configurations. The list also includes all the supported versions and what does it actually mean when you have one of the specific versions installed. Because of this it might be relevant for you to check the SQL version on which you are running your system and take note what it is capable of.

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Use Scandinavian Characters in a Command-line script (BAT)

Purpose: You are in a need to use special characters (ie. Scandinavian Characters) in a Batch script.

You might notice that the default settings of Windows 7 CMD.exe does not allow you to call a script with Special Characters (ie. Scandinavian Characters). This occurs only when you call a Batch script from the CMD.exe. Typing directly in an open CMD session allows you to work with special characters. You can easily bypass the special character problem on your own workstation but might not be that straightforward to deploy the changes into your domain.

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Create an Outlook email with auto-filled Receiver, Subject and Body from the Command-line (BAT)

Purpose: You want to send Outlook emails to the same Receiver with the same Subject and with the Body containing something similar in each one of your emails.

You might need to send yourself some emails to the same target regularly, and you are too lazy to fill out the blank inputs with the same details over and over again (the best ignition to automation). Then again you might want some other people to send you some details with the same template over and over again. If you answered yes to either one of the previous sentences, this post might help you.

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Automate Application Installation (Tutorial)

Purpose: Comprehensive list of different Installer Engines and a way to install each of them silently.

Every single task of “let us install this application without user interaction” begins with the study of the target application. You might be lucky to find out that the application is created by one of the most popular install engines. If so, you have a chance to use the applicable install engine documentation and parameters to automate the installation. If not, you will need to create an install package by yourself.

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Deploy Internet Explorer

Software Microsoft Internet Explorer
Install Silently

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Windows cant verify the publisher of this driver software (BAT)

Purpose: While deploying an application, an unsigned driver must be deployed as well.

During your regular application deployment process, you might stumble across a dreaded popup – that of an unsigned driver. The actual application might be easy to deploy but usually an unsigned driver will cause new deployment admins to use foul language. Fear not, with the following easy to follow steps, you can get past most of these problems.

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