Customize WinPE OSD Wizard in SCCM 2012

Purpose: Create your own Operating System Deployment Wizard in SCCM

You have been deploying operating systems with SCCM and have noticed some of its flaws, right? You really cant alter the built-in deployment wizard as much as you would like to? Just about the only thing that you CAN do is to add Task Sequence variables into a predefined wizard window. To be able to modify the OSD more into your liking will require some web-coding skills (yes, you read right)

Quick reference of creating Custom OSD Wizard
1 Create HTA (Code-a-web-page)
2. Link the HTA before SCCM TS actually starts (Pre-execution Hook, CustomHook)
3. Profit and don’t try anything else at the moment this is the best way by far
How to link your HTA before SCCM TS begins

1. You simply need to create an INI-file called TSconfig.INI

2. Edit the INI-file with the following

Commandline="MSHTA.exe x:\CustomOSDWizard\CustomOSDWizard.hta"
Commandline="MSHTA.exe x:\CustomOSDWizard\CustomOSDWizard.hta"

3. Create your HTA-file called CustomOSDWizard.hta

4. Place the files inside your boot media using ADK
You can read more from my post: How to insert files inside a boot media

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