Use User Profile varibles as a Custom Detection Method in SCCM 2012

Purpose: another fundamental thing to know when creating a Custom Detection script in SCCM 2012

After you have understood how to use Custom Detection Method in SCCM 2012, you will discover multiple ways to use it efficiently in you deployments. One such way is to use Custom Detection Method with a User Profile variable. However, there is a catch how to do this.

First understand how Application Custom Detection Methods work from here:
Use a custom script to detect the presence of an application deployment type

Then continue reading this post….

Application Deployment – Custom Detection Method

Example of User Profile variables in Windows 7


You cannot add these variables directly into the SCCM Application Detection Method input files. Not even if you set the application to install only when User has logged in the system. You must use the CUSTOM DETECTION METHOD and use them there in a script. The program must also run under user only (not for system)! Else you will be getting NT Authority/System -accounts profile variable values.

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