Deploy Java

Software Java
Install Silently msiexec /i “Java.msi”

/l “C:\(path)\Java.log”

Deployment Guide
STEPS #1 Download the offline installer of the version that you want and bits (x86,x64).
#2 Extract the MSI-file from the installer with a trick: Run the installer but do not proceed with the dialogues. Instead in a Windows 7 OS naviate to to find the MSI-files already extracted by the installer:
#3 Create basic corporate customization to your installation with MST or as PARAMETERS
AUTOUPDATECHECK=0 (Disables update check during installation).
JAVAUPDATE=0. (Disables automatic updates).
JU=0 (Disable another Update-related value)
WEB_JAVA=0 (if you DO NOT WANT web browser plugins, else set to WEB_JAVA=1)
#4 Always make sure that you REMOVE the OLD VERSION of Java before installing NEW
#5 New Java ( Creates shortcuts to START MENU, deal with them.
#6 Old Java version do not like /passive MSI-switch, might error with (1602) as if user cancelled beacause of a pop up
Customize Java Deployment
PROBLEM You are deploying Java in a corporate environment, and want a deeper customize how the result will look like.
SOLUTION Distribute deployment.config before you launch Java installation

Distribute before you launch Java installation
#System Deployment Properties
#Wed Aug 21 09:19:51 EEST 2013

Case: Disable “Your Java version is insecure” / “Update Java”
PROBLEM The dreaded “Your Java version is insecure” popup that terrified system administrators across the world during Java versions 1.7.0 – 1.7.44.
SOLUTION Notice: There is no true workaround for this problem. You can only suppress it as long as there was no more new version available. You would either have to:

A) Deploy the Java to the newest version instantly
B) Deploy a configuration file to fool the Java to be the newest version.

Since Java version you can configure this as a basic customization.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


"deployment.expiration.decision.timestamp.10.17.2"="9/6/2013 15:25:6"

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