Hide Duplicate Values in SQL Report Builder (SRSS)

Purpose: When you create bloated SQL queries, you might need to shape them further.

You understand your query, but there just seem to be so many things that must be taken into account. You know that they will not alter the context of your report in a way that could lead to missing information. Therefore you have decided to stop working on the bloated SQL query and use the Report Builder as a tool to shape the query as you see fit.

Conditional format: Hide Duplicate Values

Hide the entire duplicate row in a Report Builder SQL Report if the previous value was the same as the following will be. Do alter the Collection_Name to suit your need. Set the following in the row visibility value. Notice: DO not use this lightly, as usually when you have DUPLICATES in your query, you are not doing the query correctly. This is not a shortcut to happiness.

=IIF(Fields!Collection_Name.Value=Previous(Fields!Collection_Name.Value), True, False)

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