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Display a SCCM Collection Variable and its Value

Purpose: Query SCCM Collection Variables and Values in MS SQL Reporting services (SQL)

There is a suprize waiting for you if you thought you could add variables and values into your collections and query the results using Microsoft SQL Report. Finding the correct attributes from the SQL tables is straightforward, but that is not the real problem.

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Create Conditional Formatting in Report Builder

Purpose: When you create long reports, this makes them easier to read

When you are receiving hundreds or thousands rows of data – your report quickly becomes hard to read. If you are unfortunate and need to read the data yourself, help yourself out with a basic trick. Create a conditional formatting for your report. SQL Report Builder’s conditional formatting is a nice additional touch to your reports and it just might make the report readable for someone else too.

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Extend SCCM client Hardware Inventory with a Custom Attribute value: Client Cache Size

Purpose: Gather SCCM client cache sizes from your environment

I used to have a situation where many people did many things with great enthusiasm. Sounds familiar? This resulted in a non standard environment. To make sure that all SCCM Clients have the same CACHE SIZE, we need to first gather that CACHE SIZE with SCCM before we can create any Device Collections to hunt down wrong SCCM client cache sizes. Wrong CACHE SIZES can occur when SCCM clients are installed with different parameters or altered manually.

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Get all Workstations with Defined OS and no SCCM client (WQL)

Purpose: Create a Device Collection which gathers workstations without SCCM client

In an SCCM controlled environment, a system without SCCM client is malfunctioning. Therefore you must be able to monitor that all the systems in your environment actually have the SCCM client. A fully operational SCCM and a workstation without SCCM client will mean that the workstation is not receiving any application updates, any OS updates and might even download OS updates them directly from MS without any restrictions (depending on other settings outside SCCM in your environment). So you really ought to fix these.

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Get all Workstations with Windows XP (WQL)

Purpose: Get all Workstations with Windows XP (WQL)

You are in a need to gather all Windows XP workstations with or without a SCCM client. You will first need to create a Device Collection: all Windows XP workstations with or without SCCM client (limiting collection: All Systems). Then create the: all Windows XP workstations without SCCM client (limiting collection: all XP workstations with or without client).

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