Show an application in the Programs list of Windows 7

Purpose: List your custom application or configuration in Windows 7 (x64) Programs list

If you need to list your custom application or a setting in the Windows 7 operating system Programs list (Control Panel -> Programs), you need to add a registry key to the local machine registry. However, there is a catch. You need to add two registry values inside the key for it to appear in the Programs list. There are many more available for additional information, but two is required. This could be used if you are gathering the Programs list for a SCCM report and want that something you are deploying will be shown in this report as well.

Windows 7 (x64): Add a registry key to this location


The key requires these values to be shown in Programs List

The following values are optional, but useful

For more available values, you can consult your own Windows 7 OS and see what other values are under the keys in the previously mentioned registry location.

Windows 7 (x86): Add a registry key to this location


2 Thoughts on “Show an application in the Programs list of Windows 7

  1. If you use the Wow6432Node, the program is registered as 32-bit software on that computer (assuming this is a 64-bit Windows), if you drop the Wow6432Node it’s registered as 64-bit software.

    For 32-bit Windowses, there isn’t Wow6432Node, so this is a bit confusing.

    • Jyri Lehtonen on January 14, 2014 at 13:38 said:

      Hi Tuomo,
      Yes, I left the post in halfway it seems. Added also the registrykey location for Windows 7 (x64)

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