Allow limited users to install fonts in Windows 7 with UAC turned on (BAT)

Purpose: Allow non-administrator / limited user to install fonts in W7 with UAC turned on

Since the Windows 7 operating system has been published, the Web has been full of questions about how to allow limited users to install fonts in a corporate environment. There are not many ways available, unless you really want to lower the security of your OS and change the way the OS is supposed to work. However there is at least one way to allow this: first you need to change the way you have tried to approach this problem. You can install the fonts to a user session instead of the local machine. You will need to create a system that will make sure that the fonts are kept in the user session even after a system reboot or for another user.

Usage: IT_APP_BAT_UserBasedFontInstallation.bat
Configuration: You can change the location of the Public Fonts -directory, if it pleases you.

Create Program (1/3)

So that we do not need to reinvent the wheel, we can used the magnificent application created by David Purton ( Due to the dynamic nature of the Web, I have stored the application here also, in case Purton’s Web site would go down one day. You can find the application available for download at its original source at the moment. The parameters that the program accepts are shown below as well. To transfer this experience for your customers, download the regfont.exe.

Usage: regfont [-a|-r|-h|-v] font1 font2...
-a, --add Add specified fonts
-r, --remove Remove specified fotns
-h, --help This help message
-v, --version Print version information

Create Customer Friendly Interactions (2/3)

You need to create appropriate Shortcuts for the Users. Such shortcuts are:
1. Desktop Shortcut for the Public Font Folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\PublicFontsFolder)
2. Program Shortcut for the Public Font Program (regfont.exe)
3. Start Menu Shortcut for the Public Font Folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\PublicFontsFolder)
4. Start Menu Shortcut for the Public Font Program (regfont.exe)
5. Proper output messages before and post Public Font Program running

Create Environment (3/3)

You can download and use my solution to this dilemma below. The download below contains an Install.bat, which you can simply run (with the appropriate elevated rights). You can also download it and alter it to better suit your environment should the need arise. Finally, you can, of course, create all of this by yourself now that you know what to do.

Now your Users can copy the fonts they want to use to the designated Public Font -folder (C:\Users\Public\Documents\PublicFontsFolder\) through the shortcut that has been created for them. After that, the Users can run the Public Font Program (regfont.exe) shortcut to read the Public Font Folder into the current User session. Importantly, should the user reboot the system, the program is also placed in Start Menu Startup -folder to read the Public Font folder also during system startup.

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